An Inclusive Business Model

Byrd Staffing is a staffing and recruiting company committed to fostering an inclusive business climate for everyone—from candidates and customers, to employees and suppliers, to the communities in which we serve.

By promoting inclusion with the same passion we attach to quality, capability and competency while drawing from a diverse group of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, Byrd Staffing is able to improve the services and value we deliver to our clients and employees.

Diversity is a critical component of Byrd Staffing’s business model and is more than a corporate initiative; it is a priority that plays out on a practical level in our business every day.

Employment Process

Our screening process benefits our clients and job candidates assuring them the perfect match for the position. We carefully screen each candidate we represent through an extensive application and interview process accompanied with a comprehensive, professional, background and reference check and computer software testing. Additional drug screening and background checks are available at the client’s request.

We work diligently to understand our clients’ needs, workplace environment and corporate vision. Our goal is to build long-term client relationships. Our knowledge of the company allows us to provide the most tailored applicants to our clients for seamless integration and efficiency.

Our clients’ ongoing satisfaction with our placements is essential to us. Information prior to seeking a candidate, feedback after interviews and placement enables us to learn what makes a candidate an employee. Open, active communications with our clients is paramount to the success of our business while developing long-term relationships.

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